Tiny URL

Build a URL Shortener using MD5 hashing. URL can also be customized.

Tiny URL is a web application that allows users to shorten and customize URL. It is a team project I built in my junior year. I was in charge of the web design and frontend development and integrated the api into the interface.

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Game of Life

an interactive javascript game

Game of Life is a course project I made using jquery. It is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970.

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Homefront Magazine

Create the online version of a magazine based on PDF with basic assets provided.

Homefront magazine is dedicated to military families as a means to support and encourage them; to aid those who serve in their transitions coming home; and to share their many heroic stories.The magazine is produced in "Magazine Design" and "Magazine Writing" courses at UNC.

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Powering a Nation

Redesign the Powering a Nation website with assets given for a in-class project.

Powering a Nation is a project team led by UNC-Chapel Hill which investigates the political, economic, and scientific tensions behind US energy through advanced reporting to engage citizens and inspire informed decision-making.

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Reward Charity

We built a responsive website compatible with Capital One banking where you can use your rewards points to make a difference in PearlHacks.

Reward Charity is a simple and effective method for donating to charities. It will maximize your donation and positively impact your community. REWARD CHARITY gives users the ability to use any amount of reward points to make a larger impact.

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Living Galapagos

Create a full comprehensive redesign for one of the following three multimedia news packages produced by UNC’s Powering A Nation team. Create wireframes and color comps with a color scheme and text treatment that is consistent with the content of the site.

Living Galápagos is a student-authored multimedia website sharing stories of people and the environment in one of the world’s most storied places.

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